Old Roman Catholic Church of North America
Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission
Since the foundation of Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission, founders Archbishop Orlando Lima and Bishop Joseph David Dolence, have had  the dream of delivering the beauty of the Catholic Sacrament to every corner of the City and its neighborhoods.

Through all the kindly given donations, we have been able to support and expand the mission, and even open new ministries in other countries,such as the Dominican Republic and in Colombia, besides helping those in need in many different ways.

We are also grateful for the opportunity to offer the Catholic Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion, Marriage and Anointing of the Sick as well as House Blessings and Funeral Services. All of them are performed in English, Spanish or Bilingual.

Civil ceremonies and notary services are availables.

May the peace of the Lord be always with you.