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Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission
Old Roman Catholic Church of North America
Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission has been serving the Miami community for over twenty five years, following in the traditions of the Old Roman Catholic Church and sharing the love of Christ with all those that come to us with an open heart.

We are currently in the process of updating our website, but in the meantime you can reach us at 786.877.4655 or come and join us for Mass every Sunday at 12:30 pm at St. James Church in Coral Gables. Our Mass is bilingual (English/Spanish) and our clergy will gladly discuss with you many of the other services we offer to our parishioners.

Thank you for visiting and may the Grace of the Lord descend upon you and fill you with Love and Peace forever.

+ Amen.

Please call at: (786) 877-4655.....Call at any time..........We love to speak with people.......(786)877-4655........Peace be with you.......You are very blessed for looking forward into marriage..........(786)877-4655..........Call at any time........We are here to serve the people of God..........(786)877-4655........Help us in making our mission grow.......(786)877-4655.......May the peace of God be with you......(786)877-4655.....
" Wedding at The Doral Country Club"
" Mass at The Ancient Spanish Monastery in memory of Orlando H Lima Archbishop "
The beauty of the traditional Roman Catholic Ceremony is inexplicable when is performed at the most wonderful Altar of God, Nature!!!. Our Lord Jesus Christ used to Preach His followers at the Mount of the Olives, the first Congregations worshiped God, and learned the Gospel in Caves.

Let's take the most important event of your life to the most magnificent Temple, the most luxurious and glamorous of all, made by the greatest of the Constructors, the Own Creator of the Universe.

Let's fill this moment with sweet loving energy that comes from the sunset, when the Christ shines upon you two, blessing you to remain united forever........