Quick History of  " Archbishop Orlando H Lima Fund "

Father Lima ( that was the way he liked to be called) spend his entire life trying to help the poor and needy, participating in different activities with the Church all over the United States, including a very active spiritual work with the people that where sick at first when the A.I.D.S started to arise, and some of them were confined to  farm like insolated places. Father Lima stayed for sometime, and had himself prepared a room,  to stay and give spiritual support and counseling to those patients.

In multiple times he participated in activities to raise money to help families in need. Although he was the Patriarch of the Old Catholic Church, Catholicate of the West, which is part of the five Ecclesial bodies of  "The Old Roman Catholic Church in North America ", he was such a simple and down to earth person, that anybody could be honored to meet him and he will leave an unforgettable impression in you, in a way that you wanted to continue being his friend.

Father Orlando H Lima also founded the House for abused women and children  in immokalee, where they would have refuge and help to get ahead with their lives. He also founded a Franciscan mission in Dominican Republic and Colombia as well.

The reason for the funds is to continue with the help and work that he started, and if you want to be part of this ministry, you can send us your contribution, with a check payable:
"Archbishop Orlando Lima Fund", and remember, there is not small donation neither small cause.!!!

Please mail the check to:
Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission
6825 SW 128th Place Miami Florida 33183

Thank you very much.

May the Grace and Peace of the Lord be with you.



"Correspondence between Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Archbishop Orlando H. Lima."

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