Old Roman Catholic Church of North America
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You may call us seven days of the week from 10:00 am until 7:30 pm at (305) 752-0004 or write to us at: jddolence@bellsouth.net / frjddolence@saintfranciscatholicmission.com
Our Mission
( We are not affiliated in any way or form with The Archdiocese of Miami Roman Catholic Church, since we are the Old Catholic Church of North America, please see history page for more information )

(305) 220-0450
Professional Events Planners at the Ancient Spanish Monastery

Doral Country Park, venue and catering services at a beautiful location

The Professional sounds of
UB'S Production
The legendary " Big Five Club" of Miami, including the fine service and good taste of Jessica Moreno.
"M & M Image Catchers"
Office Phone# (786) 718-2363
The Following pictures are a genuine example of the professionalism and dedication of M & M Image Catchers, the dynamism of a Papparazzi and the delicacy of an Artist.
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Get your gift certificate when you come for the first interview at the office of our rectory, for 1- 8x10 and 3 wallet size pictures made at M&M Image Catcher's Studios, courtesy of our Church. The certificate is still valid even if you do not book the wedding with us. There is not expiration date on the certificate.
Call us at any time for a personal interview at (786)536-2324.......there is nothing better than a personal contact with the Priest that could be celebrating your wedding,......we enjoy talking with the couples.......there is not commitment required from you....... May God Bless all the new couples, the future families of our society......we need to bring up good seeds for our future world.......just call at (786)536-2324 and tell us which one is the most convenient time for our personal meeting......GOD BLESS YOU ALL......(786)536-2324************